Reading & Knitting Club at Ntizeza!!!

In October we started the Reading and Knitting Club at Ntizeza, in Athens. Anastasia Diavasti and me hosted the first sessions and the upcoming one had continued organically, thanks to the enthusiasm of the participants. After Depression, a public feeling by Anne Cvetkovich, we read and discussed All about love by Bell Hooks, We should all be feminists by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, and then…

Invitation to the first sessions:

Reading evenings on books with critical approach to culture and politics within the current global uncertainties and conflicts, accompanied by knitting and tea.

The first book we will discuss is ‘Depression, A Public Feeling’ by Ann Cvetkovich, who combines memoir and essay in search of ways of writing about depression as a cultural and political phenomenon that offer alternatives to medical models. She describes her own experience of professional pressures, political hopelessness and intellectual blockage, considering the idea that feeling bad constitutes the lived experience of neoliberal capitalism.

This reading will be in English and is co-hosted by the Peruvian artist Eliana Otta. If you are interested in obtaining a PDF version of this book please email us at
Knitting materials and tea will be provided, you are welcome to bring more if you like 🙂
All reading and knitting club events are free.

The upcoming books will be decided collectively, on the basis of our shared feminist convictions.