The nurturing knowledges’ garden

One of the cards I made for people to exchange ideas and advices regarding how to take care of each other, ourselves and life in a broad sense.

The nurturing knowledges‘ garden is a proposal I developed for The School of the We, a great project made by rotor in the context of the extended Graz Cultural Year 2020. We are working right now on the creation of a collective garden, with the help of the farmers from the market at Lendplatz and many enthusiastic neighbors. The intervention will be there from 14/5 to 17/10, and hopefully will stay more, if the neighbors make it theirs!

«A public garden made thanks to neighbors dedicated to reproduce and take care of life will become a meeting point to renovate our energies and capacities for taking care of each other. A generous tree will become an adaptation of the Peruvian tradition of the yunza, a propitiatory ritual to celebrate the regeneration of life and invoke abundant harvests. But here the offered gifts will be advices by gardeners, mothers, farmers and women from the neighborhood on how to look after all kind of beings, including ourselves. The visitors are invited to take an inspiring postcard from the tree of nurturing knowledges and leave one in return, writing on the spot their best ideas and ways to nurse what and who we love.»

Some images of the working process: