To look after a stranger´s urge

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Was a workshop I made in the context of the art festival SOHO in Ottakring, with the accompaniment of Hansel Sato and the participation of his students from the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna. In this workshop we explored what feels urgent today and how we can express it. We tried to address questions such as: How do we put in words what we would like to change, that which causes our indignation? How do we verbalize a very intimate desire or dream, which we don’t dare to reveal? And mainly, how do we relate to someone else’s ideas or hopes for transformation? How do we hear and perceive urgencies that are not our own? Could we pay close attention to them? Could we even take care of them for a while?

This was a moment for us to concentrate in each other’s ways of expressing, for us to look after a demand which is not our own. To observe what can occur when we do so, with ourselves and with others. We created slogans for protests that don’t exist yet and made collective posters after working on each other’s words.

All the info about it, with downloadable files to print as posters, can be found here.