Lost and Shared at One Minute Space, Athens

From October 22th to 31st 2021, the show I curated, Lost and shared: Approaches to collective mourning towards transformative politics could be visited at One Minute Space in Athens. Ten intense days of workshops, performances, screenings and discussions happened as part of the research for my PhD project.

«Acknowledging the simultaneous processes of loss that shape contemporary local and planetarian crises, artists, thinkers and performers address the current meaning of mourning. For it is within grieving and struggling realities that new political forces shall be created to reconnect ourselves with love, desire and transformation.»

Artists: VASKOS (Vassilis Noulas and Kostas Tzimoulis), Valinia Svoronou, Grigoria Vryttia, Maria Varela, Christina Phoebe, Sphinxes, Antigoni Bunny Tsagaropoulou, Eliana Otta

Talks, performances, workshops (COVID allowing) by: Marios Chatziprokopiou, Christina Phoebe, Fotini Gouseti, Gene Ray, Marina Miliou, Xanthoula Dakovánou, Marianne Tuckman, Theo Ilichenko, Nuno Cassola

More info and the full program can be found here.

(All the pictures by Thanassis Gatos)

Drawing is political! Workshop at the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna

Thanks to a kind invitation by Hansel Sato, I made in October a workshop as part of the series Drawing is Political at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. We discussed about drawing and politics, reincarnation and how our future selves could communicate better among each other. The results were very gratifying and thanks to the participant’s enthusiasm and curiosity, we saw how drawing and politics have in common being tools for negotiating what is impossible…

Aching places, screaming words, premonitory agreements

Aching places, screaming words, premonitory agreements is an online workshop I developed for the beautiful program You are not muted, curated by Renata Cervetto for KW Berlin.

Here’s the invitation text for the workshop:

«How to express what aches, confuses or paralyzes us while being distanced? How to relate to protest and dissent when withdrawn from the public space? How to remain critical and socially engaged while dedicating our days to search for wellbeing under uncertain circumstances? Eliana Otta is a multidisciplinary artist from Lima whose practice proposes collective activities that intertwine orality, poetry, embodied knowledge and physical practices. Acknowledging how the need to redefine struggling actions and vocabularies seems as overwhelming as urgent, Otta’s workshop will embark on the task of identifying the possible meanings that the term “political” can bring into the pandemic context. It will review the foundational seams patching societies, questioning what Constitutions should be and do for us today, when most of us are revisiting what constitutes us as peoples and inhabitants of this planet. Expanding from the individual to the collective, we’ll work with words and imagination, with desires and poetry, navigating together from intimate goals to possible sources of political renewal.»

Misterio de Ministerias

«Este texto colectivo es resultado de una invitación realizada a poco de iniciarse la cuarentena, en abril. Escribí un correo a un grupo amplio de artistas, poetas, madres de familia, científicxs sociales, científicxs que estudian la vida no humana, arquitectxs, educadores, filósofxs, entre otrxs, para preguntarnos cómo reorganizar el estado peruano y sus ministerios, a manera de cadáver exquisito.

La proposición surgió de constatar cómo la presente situación, entre muchas cosas, nos demanda repensar el Estado, nuestra posición ante él y sus estructuras. Por mucho tiempo hemos creado, trabajado y participado de diversos tipos de activismo dándole la espalda o sin tomarlo en serio. Motivos para ello sobran en el caso peruano, pero es claro que la coyuntura actual nos llama a atender cuidadosamente las consecuencias de sus formas de ejercer y administrar la (bio y la necro) política…»

Para seguir leyendo, puedes descargar la publicación: