Una «conversación» en la Bienal de Mercosur

En este link se puede ver la conversación que sostuvieron en el marco del LIVE del programa educativo, Dorota Biczel, una de las curadoras de la Bienal de Mercosur de este año, y Natalia Iguíñiz. Yo participé con una carta transformada en video para la ocasión, pues por la diferencia horaria y la mala conexión del lugar donde me encontraba, no pude estar en línea.

Screen Shot 2020-06-23 at 4.50.02 PM

Palabras de Mujeres en la Bienal do Mercosur (Online)

Un poco tarde comparto la noticia de mi participación en la Bienal de Mercosur, versión online, que ha sido curada por Andrea Giunta y Dorota Biczel. Esta edición, llamada Femininos, Visualidades, Afetos, cuenta con artistas con un trabajo muy valioso siempre, pero probablemente más en estos momentos, como Cecilia Vicuña, Ana Gallardo, Jota Mombaca, y otras…

Yo participo con mis piezas de la instalación Carmen y con el video Palabras de Mujeres, que puede verse completo en línea.

A bit late I share the news of my participation in the Bienal de Mercosur, online, curated by Andrea Giunta and Dorota Biczel. This edition, called Femininos, Visualidades, Afetos, includes artists whose work is always extremely valuable, but probably more in the present times, such as Cecilia Vicuña, Ana Gallardo, Jota Mombaca, among others…

I participate with my pieces from the installation Carmen and the video Palabras de Mujeres (Women´s words), which can be seen online in this link.


Palabras de Mujeres en Γ γυναικόπαιδα/ gynaikopaida

Thrilled to participate in this encounter at Twixt Lab:

More info: https://gynaikopaida.tumblr.com/


Neutral noun, in plural, gynaikopeda, women and children (in conflict times the reference indicates them as the most common, helpless and defenseless victims).

#1 and #2
Departing from an artistic and theoretical approach of parenthood, the presentations aim to question the prevailing motherhood and fatherhood conceptualizations, the social mechanisms of inclusion and exclusion and the condition of biological and non-biological parenthood in social and legal context. Adopting a dialectical method between personal and political, we will attempt rethinking “art and parenthood” in a context where roles and identities are highlighted as topics of open and continuous negotiation.

Talks, interventions, performative actions, films and videos, painting, sculpture, photographs and literature, will constitute a field of meetings where moms and dads, daughters, sons, cousins, brothers, aunts and further relatives, will converse on gender identities, birth, medicalization and performativity of the female, feminized or effeminate body. Which is the role of works and expressions approaching body and memory politics, stereotypical -or not- representations of kinship and children, in a social context redefined by “different parenthood”? How can these “kinship articulations” constitute a referential artistic field that can be studied or archived?

The gynaikopeda encounters will take place in TWIXTlab on the 30th of May and the 6th of June, with the contributions of groups, duos, individuals, parents, those who want or don’t want to become parents, as well as those who held a position in respect.

^^^^^The talks and presentations will be held in greek or in other languages (unless decided otherwise during the events)


Rainbow Families

Stella Bellia (Rainbow Families president, kindergarten teacher, McS theater in education)
Paraskevi Damaskou (Rainbow Families member, actress, ΒcS in psychology)
Vanessa Veneti (Rainbow Families member, self-defense instructor)

OVO Hellas: «Gynecologic and Obstetric Violence: Now and then»

The Pink House, Antwerp, Ersi Varveri and Gijs Waterschoot

Ianthi Aggelioglou (visual artist), Sam Albatros, Ayşenur Babuna (entrepreneur, activist), Aggeliki Bozou (visual artist, performer), Despoina Gamvroudi (visual artist), Fotini Gouseti (visual artist, researcher), Sofia Grigoriadou (visual artist, PhD candidate, Panteion University), Tatiana Ilichenko (visual artist), Dimitra Kondylatou (visual artist), Αpostolos Lampropoulos (academic, professor of comparative literature, Université Bordeaux Montaigne), Tatiana Mavromati (photographer), George Miliarakis, Persefoni Myrtsou (visual artist, PhD candidate, Humboldt University), Μaria Nikiforaki (visual artist), Eliana Otta (visual artist), Κelly Ousantzopoulou (social anthropologist), Μaroula Papanastasi (aesthetician), Nikos Polymenakos (musician), Prokni (performer), Εlpida Rikou (social anthropologist, visual artist), Panos Sklavenitis (visual artist), Vasiliki Sifostratoudaki (visual artist), Naira Stergiou (visual artist, PhD candidate, ASFA), Maria Tzeferi (photographer), Μichailangelos Vlassis-Ziakas (visual artist), Τina Voreadi (visual artist).

organized and curated by Eva Giannakopoulou