Llamado a algunos lectores

cc san marcos perfo

El 29/01 presenté en el Centro Cultural de la Universidad de San Marcos, Lima, la performance Llamado a algunos lectores, una lectura (semi) colectiva de un poema de José María Arguedas, que pone en cuestión los sentidos comunes dominantes sobre el progreso y nuestra relación con la naturaleza. Mientras Arguedas nos convoca a una experiencia de compromiso vital con el entorno, de aprendizajes expandidos y corporeizados, yo intentó poner en diálogo la vigencia de su escritura, con las urgencias políticas de un contexto que amenaza la reproducción y la defensa de la vida.

La performance se presentó en el contexto de la exposición sobre el colectivo de fotografía social Interfoto, curada por Augusto del Valle.

Traced, whispered touch at Tanzquartier, Vienna

On December the 5th I´ll make the workshop Traced, whispered touch in the framework of Enchantéés, invited by Alix Eynaudi, who gently expanded the invitation made to her by the TQW Explore program.


© An Breugelmans

Traced, whispered touch

An invitation to look closely at the physical and invisible threads connecting body parts and people, to read between the lines of our movements and to pay attention to the messages of our stillness. A shared moment where slowness can bring us closer and fastness can help us to avoid overthinking. To play within the intersections of words, extremities and ideas, while creating drawn spells as gifts that transform, merge and dissolve our possible contours.

Reading & Knitting Club at Ntizeza!!!

In October we started the Reading and Knitting Club at Ntizeza, in Athens. Anastasia Diavasti and me hosted the first sessions and the upcoming one had continued organically, thanks to the enthusiasm of the participants. After Depression, a public feeling by Anne Cvetkovich, we read and discussed All about love by Bell Hooks, We should all be feminists by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, and then…

Invitation to the first sessions:

Reading evenings on books with critical approach to culture and politics within the current global uncertainties and conflicts, accompanied by knitting and tea.

The first book we will discuss is ‘Depression, A Public Feeling’ by Ann Cvetkovich, who combines memoir and essay in search of ways of writing about depression as a cultural and political phenomenon that offer alternatives to medical models. She describes her own experience of professional pressures, political hopelessness and intellectual blockage, considering the idea that feeling bad constitutes the lived experience of neoliberal capitalism.

This reading will be in English and is co-hosted by the Peruvian artist Eliana Otta. If you are interested in obtaining a PDF version of this book please email us at ntizeza@gmail.com
Knitting materials and tea will be provided, you are welcome to bring more if you like 🙂
All reading and knitting club events are free.

The upcoming books will be decided collectively, on the basis of our shared feminist convictions.

Poo*/(*&%oool? Iii/%$#&%/iii? Tiii!¡$!%#$iiiics? at EIGHT / ΤΟ ΟΧΤΩ, critical institute for arts and politics, in Athens!

On November the 9th I made at EIGHT / ΤΟ ΟΧΤΩ the workshop Poo*/(*&%oool? Iii/%$#&%/iii? Tiii!¡$!%#$iiiics?

Text from the invitation to participate:

A two-hour encounter to discuss the meanings related to and included in the word “politics”. How do we relate to that word today? For what do we use it and for what can it be useful?
Through conversations and experimental writing, we will dissect this word, trying to understand and expand our approaches to its potentialities and limitations. Working together with texts, and free associations, we will imagine the political constellations that could make sense to our current urgencies and desires.

Planta Alta – Residencia en Madrid


Hasta el 27/09 estoy en Madrid, invitada por Violeta Janeiro y hablarenarte, en el marco de su recientemente estrenado programa de residencias, Planta Alta. Estoy tratando de aprender un poco de las organizaciones surgidas a raíz de la crisis, para pensar conexiones con el contexto griego y mi investigación a curso sobre procesos colectivos de duelo. Entre otras cosas, hemos visitado a los Yayoflautas y realizado una sesión de Cocina silenciosa, continuando una práctica iniciada por Rodrigo Andreolli, en la residencia que compartimos en Atenas, el 2017.  Acá unas fotos de ese encuentro donde aguzamos mucho los sentidos, porque además de no hablar, tuvimos que cocinar por ratos a la luz de las velas, ya que se fue la electricidad varias veces.


Ghosts of my life – a reading and listening group in Chaosmos, Athens.


During the Mondays and Wednesdays of July, we read and listened to the songs commented by Mark Fisher in his book “Ghosts of my life”. A very diverse group of people joined the sessions, which ended with a screening of “Robinson in ruins” (a film by Patrick Keiller). Thanks to Chaosmos for the hospitality! On the occasion, I shared a playlist I made a while ago, when I read the book for the first time: